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NuCara, LLC is an Iowa-based company that is comprised of two compounding pharmacies in Iowa and the NuCara Management Consultants division. In addition, NuCara LLC is the holding company for NuCara of Austin, LLC, a Texas compounding pharmacy, and NuCara Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

NuCara Compounding Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy model that dispenses compounded prescription medications to patients that are not available at traditional retail pharmacies.

NuCara hired Blaze Marketing in August of 2002 to help develop a strategic growth model and to create a divisional organizational structure. In addition, NuCara has hired Blaze to help create various marketing programs NuCara Calendarand materials. The most recent project consisted of a calendar for their physician customers. The objective of the calendar was two-fold; a) create something unique that they will use, and b) create a communications vehicle that would deliver monthly sales messages about NuCara. The below picture represents the result, a monthly desk calendar, personalized to NuCara, delivered in a unique format.

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